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  • 37M Concrete Pump Truck (Isuzu 6×4) The 37M concrete pump truck is manufactured with a 4-section R fold boom. It can pump liquid concrete at a vertical reach of 37m, a horizontal reach of 32.7m and a depth reach of 24.3m, at impressive output of 120-185 m3/h. The boom of the concrete pump truck has a 370 degree slewing range. The flexible and precise boom motion ensures accurate concrete placing operations.
    The concrete pump is mounted on an ISUZU 6×4 truck chassis, and according to customers requirements, the concrete pump can be mounted on chassis acquired from different manufacturers ...
  • 42M Concrete Pump Truck (Benz 8×4) Our range of 42M concrete pump truck is well-known for its functionality and reliability. It comes with concrete output of 120-185m3/h at pressures ranging from 61 to 76 bars. It can pump liquid concrete at a vertical reach of 42m, a horizontal reach of 37.4m, and a depth reach of 29.1m.
    This 42M concrete pump truck also comes with a 4-section R-fold placing boom which has a slewing range of 370°. The boom is easy to manoeuvre and makes the truck mounted concrete pump applicable for all types of concrete placing work ...
  • 47M Concrete Pump Truck (Isuzu 8×4) A standard 47M concrete pump truck is manufactured with ISUZU 8×4 chassis. The concrete pump can also be mounted on an 8×4 chassis from other manufacturers according to customers' requirements.
    With a 550L concrete mixing hopper, the concrete pump truck comes with an impressive concrete output of 120-185 m3/h at pressures of 61-76 bars.
    Our 47M truck mounted concrete pump is also equipped with a 4-section R-fold placing boom. The boom comes with a low unfolding height of about 8.5m, which makes the concrete equipment ideal for use in confined areas. It also comes with a 370 degree slewing range, which ensures accurate concrete placing operations. Additionally, the concrete pump truck can pump liquid concrete at a vertical reach of 47m, a horizontal reach of 42.1m and a depth reach of 33.4m ...

Concrete Pump Truck

Our concrete pump truck is also known as truck mounted concrete pump. It is primarily composed of pumping unit, boom, stabilizer, and chassis, etc. and is extensively used for concrete placing applications in road and building construction projects.

Why choose us?
1. Some key components of the concrete pump truck are acquired from well known companies, like REXROTH and Harvey. This ensures reliable equipment performance and long service life.
2. Open loop hydraulic circuit and hydraulically controlled boom enable the equipment to be used in severe environments for a long time.
3. Designed with high efficient cooling system, this concrete pump truck can be used continuously under high temperature environments, with oil temperature less than 60℃.
4. The pumping system utilizes innovative S valve system, which guarantees superior concrete outputs under hard working conditions. The lubrication system is also rationally designed.
5. Also, the concrete pump truck comes with three control modes that are control panel control, wired remote control, and wireless remote control. Hence, the truck mounted concrete pump is easy for operation.
6. Flexible, precise and stable boom motions ensures accurate concrete placing.

We provide primarily three models concrete pump truck with boom vertical reaches of 37m, 42m and 47 respectively. For more detailed information, please refer to corresponding pages.

As a specialized concrete pump truck manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer concrete mixer truck, oil tank truck and container trailers, etc. If you have any truck mounted concrete pump and related construction equipment need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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