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37M Concrete Pump Truck (Isuzu 6×4)

Given below are the technical specifications of the 37M concrete pump truck.
The 37M concrete pump truck is manufactured with a 4-section R fold boom. It can pump liquid concrete at a vertical reach of 37m, a horizontal reach of 32.7m and a depth reach of 24.3m, at impressive output of 120-185 m3/h. The boom of the concrete pump truck has a 370 degree slewing range. The flexible and precise boom motion ensures accurate concrete placing operations.

The concrete pump is mounted on an ISUZU 6×4 truck chassis, and according to customers requirements, the concrete pump can be mounted on chassis acquired from different manufacturers.

Additionally, the construction machine is also deigned with stabilizer feet to ensure steady and safe operations.

For more detailed specifications, please refer to the parameter table given below.

Model No. 4R37
Pumping Unit Concrete Output (m3/h) 120-185
Concrete Pressure (bar) 61-76
Cylinder Bore × Stroke (mm) 230×2000
Concrete-hopper Capacity (L) 550
Boom Section Boom Folding Type "R"
Boom Unfolding Height (m) 8.5
Boom Vertical Reach (m) 37.0
Boom Horizontal Reach (m) 32.7
Boom Depth Reach (m) 24.3
Boom Slewing Range (°) 370
Concrete-transferring-pipe Diameter (mm/inch) 125/5
Number of Boom Sections 4
Angle between Boom Sections (°) 91//180/180/180/240
Stabilizer Stabilizer Opening Type "I"
Maximum Opening Width of Outriggers (m) 7.7
Chassis According to customer requirements, the concrete pump can be mounted on 6×4 chassis from European, Japanese or Chinese manufacturers.

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