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Refueling Tank Truck

Our range of refueling tank truck is designed for the transport and storage of gasoline, light diesel oil, kerosene and other fuels which boast no corrosive action on the tank body, oil pump and oiling machine, etc. It has found a wide range of applications. For instance, it can be used for refueling of itself and other vehicles as well, and it can serve as a pump to transfer fuels to other containers. Hence, our refueling tank truck is commonly seen in filling stations and transport companies.

The refueling tank truck manufactured by Hangzhou Special Automobile Company is designed based on latest technologies and production techniques, and it comes with rational structure, reliable performance, esthetical appearance and simple operation, etc.

Technical Information
HZZ5060GJY refueling tank truck is designed for containing 4m3 fuels at a time. It is equipped with JAC chassis which is well known for its high strength and high durability. It can be used for storage and transport of gasoline and diesel.
Equipped with YC4F115-30 diesel engine, the refueling tank truck comes with a maximum speed of 95km/h.
For more detailed specification information, please refer to the following parameter table.

Model HZZ5060GJY
Chassis Model HFC1065K1DT
Chassis Manufacturer JAC
Overall dimension (mm) 6030×1950×2250
Tank Effective Volume (m3) 4
Transporting Medium Gasoline/Diesel
Wheelbase (mm) 3308
Total mass (Kg) 6495
Curb weight (Kg) 3600
Payload (Kg) 2700
Engine model/Engine power (kw) YC4F115-30/85
Fuel type Diesel
Vehicle emission standard National III
Spec. of Tyre 6.50-16 7.00-16
Max. Speed (km/h) 95

Superior quality products have made us one of the leading refueling tank truck manufacturers in China. In addition to tank trucks, we can also offer truck mounted tank truck, tank container truck, concrete mixer truck, and so on. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and competitively priced products as well as complete service. Please contact us by phone or email with any of your questions, orders, or service needs.

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