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Chemical Liquid Tank Truck

Model HZZ5311GHY
Chassis Model CA1313P7K1L11T4E
Chassis Manufacturer FAW
Outer dimension (mm) 11980×2490×3350
Tank Effective Volume (m3) 25
Transporting Medium Isoprene
Wheelbase (mm) 1900+4500+1350 2000+4700+1350
Total mass (Kg) 31000
Kerb weight (kg) 14805
Payload (Kg) 16000
Engine model/Engine power (kw) BF6M1013-26E3/203 BF6M1013-28E3/216
Fuel type Diesel
Vehicle emission standard National III
Spec. of Tyre 10.00-20 10.00R20 11.00-20 11.00R20
Max. Speed (km/h) 85

We are an experienced chemical liquid tank truck manufacturer and supplier, located in China. In addition to tank trucks for transferring chemical liquids, we can also offer that for fuels, bulk cement and dry mortar, etc. Other special vehicles like concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck and tank container trailer, etc. are also available here. If you have any related need, please feel free to contact us.

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