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Visit our Singapore agent
2012-12-03 02:46:56
Visit our Singapore agent



November 29 to December 5, 2012, our General Manager Mr. Wang Yongfa, Vice General Manager of Technical Dept. Mr. Shen Jianming, Vice General Manager of Sales Mr. Ding Xingquan visited our agent in Singapore, they visited the construction site and check the service condition of our concrete pump trucks.

On November 30, Mr. Shen Jianming also chaired one product promotion meeting, he introduced our company’s products to our customers, tour concrete pump trucks had already got acknowledgement and high value by our customers, and they also very interested our new R&D Operating Truck for Bridge Detection and Dry Mix Mortar products. So we carried on the thorough discussion for the agency cooperation and reached a cooperation agreement that intended to promote our company products in the Singapore market in year 2013.